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Hala is a bold pattern with a tribal influence. Hala derives its name from the Hala Tree (Pandanus). The leaves are used in Hawaii to weave mats, baskets, and hats; the yellow to red fruit sections for leis and brushes, with the male flowers used to scent tapa cloth.

Content: Linen Viscose blend

Printed width: 135cm/53.1in

Repeat: Width - 11cm/4.33in; Height - 8cm/3.15in

Weight 314gsm 
Usage: Suitable for soft furnishings, drapery and domestic upholstery. Commercial options available on request.
Abrasion rubs  - Martindale 30 000


Please be aware there may be slight dye variances between samples, your order and how they appear digitally.

Note: the patterns below are digital renders and are not to scale

Tejido Textiles Hala
Tejido Textiles Hala Cinnabar


Tejido Textiles Hala Denim


Tejido Textiles Hala Indigo


Tejido Textiles Hala Jungle


Tejido Textiles Hala Rattan


Tejido Textiles Hala Tobacco


Tejido Textiles
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